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Posted on 04. October, 2018 by A R Mukul

Q  How do i get access to te ftp server?

A  Each FTP server maintained by an Administrator, if it is not Free FTP server you have to contact with the Admin to get access. BDIX do not maintain any FTP server. Several ISP maintain their FTP server for their own customer.

Q  How do i know how much speed i am getting?

A  You can download and use bandwidth monitoring tools, eg DU Meter

Q  How can i contact with your higher authority?

A  any kind of query you can reach us to mail

Q  Do you provide 24/7 support service?

A  Over phone support 24/7 only.

Q  Why my speed is less than my package speed?

A  on situation basis ( Like Global issue, specific site issue, infrastructure issue etc)

Q  I can’t access my internet. how do i contact Musfika Net customer service?

A  Call:096391150150  TNT 029021424 or mail

Q  Can I pay bill through bkash?

A  Yes, You can pay thorough bKash. You need to type your Mobile Number on reference and please send an email to confirm your payment.

Q  What is ftp server?

A  FTP Server is File Transfer Protocol Server, where authorized user can upload, download and share any file.

Q  What is bdix?

A  BDIX is Bangladesh Internet Exchange, is a local exchange point where local ISPs connect and share data to keep local traffic local.

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